Gratifu a universal loyalty rewards platform

The universal token that bridges loyalty programs with a blockchain engine

Gratifu™ is a loyalty point you spend everywhere, the point grows in value as more people join, and it brings together businesses that support your values. The ultimate loyalty rewards point that increases sales with consumer influence. Learn how blockchain and token economy empower people and business.

Fixing the loyalty problem with blockchain

Blockchain and tokenization offer loyalty programs the secure and effective means to authentic transactions. Innovation in fintech brings convenience through mobile and POS applications.
Challenges to the Consumer
Gratifu consolidates isolated points in a universal token. Gratifu’s mobile wallet eliminates never-used points and missed opportunities. A fair-play user interface simplifies confusing rules from different issuers.
Challenges for the Merchants
Communities of Commerce offer new sales that go beyond the limitations of referrals. Unused points that might be perceived as a savings translate to valuable insight on consumer behaviors. Cards become obsolete as everything is digitalied.

Customer Value Proposition

A mobile app enabling consumers to participate and onboard new merchants *

  • Mobile app easy to navigate all your cards and points
  • Universal loyalty token for use across stores
  • Convert points to Gratifu tokens
  • Unified wallet to accounts of all points
  • Earn money for onboarding stores or merchants

* exemplary appearance of the application, company logos used for demonstration purposes

Merchant value proposition

A POS app & Back Office platform tracks points and rewards, generating actionable customer data. Free to deploy and distribute points and rewards. Provides access to a robust pools 
of Gratifu users. Businesses can cross sell & cross promote in an active network.
We already have a program, will it integrate?
Yes, a customer only has to choose where they want to store their points.
If I give up my points to other merchants, what do I get in return?
1. Increased loyalty from giving customers more choice. 2. New customers from other stores who spend Gratifu with you. 3. A successful ICO will generate millions of dollars worth of Gratifu tokens that can be exchanged on redemption for FIAT.
How is the program free if I have to pay for tokens?
We set the mechanics of token purchase to match what you are willing to reward your customer. The back office platform accounts for the value and distribution of points in real time, calculating the cost of tokens you’ll need when your customers redeem them. An example, we calculate the value of your points, you decide what to offer your customers in exchange, and they choose: 10 points = 1 item worth $10 or 10 points = 50 gratifu tokens worth $5.
Free is good, but does it brings value?
Millions of pre-sold tokens are waiting to be spent for your products and services. Going beyond the referral of Communities of Commerce that support customers needs brings new business to your doorstep.

VC value proposition

  • Profit based on per-transaction commission income
  • Distributed platform is a resilient token generator
  • Unlimited growth potential

The Gratifu Token Generator

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Generating Points

» Merchant A creates program, issues points » Customers pay Merchant A, collect points

Generating Gratifu

» Customers convert points to Gratifu Token with Gratifu Wallet App » Merchant A buys Gratifu Token equivalent to value of converted points on the Gratifu Platform » Credit to Gratifu Wallet App in real-time

Generating Value

» Customer spends Gratifu at Merchant B » Merchant B collects payment and issues points » Gratifu returns to Gratifu Platform circulation » Commissions paid to Merchant A, Sales Agent and Platform Operator (Gratifu LLC)
Points local points redeemable only at issuer
Gratifu universal tokens redeemable within network
Goods/services products and services offered by merchants
Money (FIAT) accepted local currency for merchant
Sales Agent consumers who onboard merchants
STO Economics
Consumers create Communities of Commerce with complementary merchants, using their combined spending power to pursue their social goals. Gratifu comprises: Points – a localized loyalty point redeemable only at the issuer and may be converted to Gratifu Tokens. The Gratifu Token – a digital asset that may also be called a smart contract or crypto currency and is exchangeable for points, goods and service at all merchants in the Gratifu network. The Gratifu Platform – a utility for exchanging points, FIAT currencies and the Gratifu Token The Gratifu Wallet App — lets customers to accumulate spend points using their smartphones Gratifu POS and Gratifu Back Office – lets merchants easily design loyalty programs, account for point values, chose the best savings to convert points to Gratifu tokens in real-time, with secure KYC-compliant software. Sales Agent – Crowd-sourced from consumers and incentivized by commission for the merchants they onboard. Consumers benefit from points portability and convertibility. Merchants benefit from collaboration and network development. Sales agents earn commissions for onboarding merchants. Investor returns generated from Gratifu Platform user-fees and growth in value of the Gratifu Token.
How Gratifu works for Merchants
Create account and comply with KYC requirements. Design loyalty program, selecting products,  setting values and issuing points. Gratifu POS and Back Office software handle distribution and redemption. Create contests and content; together with retailers and customers. Collect commissions on token redemption
How Gratifu works for Customers
Download the app and run through KYC Join a loyalty program Participate and accumulate points Manage, exchange and grow your loyalty points and tokens Redeem point for rewards Onboard new stores; earn additional Gratifu tokens.
How Gratifu works for STO holder
Pre-purchase the Gratifu loyalty point! Empower consumers to build Communities of Commerce. Download app and submit required KYC Purchase tokens Receive news and updates Trade at exchange Redeem at merchants

STO offering details

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2019 H1

V1 beta app – free with local points

V1 general availability (GA)

Register Company

2019 H2

Design Architecture & Smart Contracts

Launch iOS and White label

Issue White Paper

Seed investment round

2020 H1

Smart contract audit

Placement on digital exchange

Design security token

Launch universal points

Prepare STO

2020 H2

Launch of recommendation engine

STO launch

Sales of data analytics

A winning team

Benjamin Burg

Benjamin Burg


Master of Ceremonies: Blockchain evangelist and entrepreneur. Sales, marketing and education professional. Leader of creative projects, including the Warsaw Business Tennis League, and Beyond the Classroom Educational Travel. His passion for sales and community has lead to the creation of the ultimate loyalty platform.
Aidan Hoyle

Aidan Hoyle

Senior Business Advisor

Master of New Business Development, Startups, with focus on onboarding users with the MVP.
Zbyszek Perliński

Zbyszek Perliński

Tech Adviser

Master of Project Management, MVP mobile and web based programming
 Martyna Krywko

Martyna Krywko

Legal Adviser

Master of Law, IT and ICO/STO, data regulations for fintech startups.

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